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Bridging the communication gap between healthcare professionals and patients.

Automated Notification Services

inTouch is an innovative platform designed to help providers and staff stay connected with their patients while decreasing costs and increasing productivity by collecting data and enabling patient participation. Practices are enabled to use multiple modes of communication to reach patients in all stages of the healthcare cycle. Doing this improves the pre and post care engagement with patients to effectively reduce missed appointments, improve preventative and seasonal care, and collect beneficial patient reported outcome and satisfaction data.

Our Philosophy

We believe in providing a superior patient experience with a system that is optimized to put the patient first while also benefiting the provider.

Our Mission

Our goal is to cut down the time spent on tedious tasks so that the provider and patient experience work together better for the benefit of all.

Our Team

Our platform is powered by an innovative team of experts who truly care about delivering an outstanding experience to every patient and provider.


We are committed to providing world-class customer service, and we want to help you exceed expectations and rise to a higher level of care.

- inTouch Team


Patient Reminder

Our product helps providers engage with patients to ensure an appointment is not missed. With the application, reminders can be sent at a specific time with the necessary details. Messages can also be sent out to multiple patients at once based on appointment types.

Survey Builder

Surveys encourage patient feedback and help in many areas like improving your practice and helping with patient care. Surveys can be specialized in many ways like the times during the day they are received by the patients, how often they are sent, and how patients can respond.


Statistics are recorded that allow the provider to see many reports like an overview of how many reminders and surveys have been sent or the number of responses. This information can also be used to track surveys or reminders and to view those that were delivered or undelivered.


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